domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012


“Tacones” (Heels) has won 3rd price for the best short film category at the Edge of the city film festival!
Sucess in London!!!

After the Gala, in which there were short films presented from various parts of the world, like France, Poland, and obviously the United Kingdom, “Tacones” has won third place for best short film in the category of fiction.

“Le Futur” had the honour and the privilege of being the last film to be shown, closing the gala and earning a special mention.

The Gala, which took place in Woolwich, London, on Saturday the 28th of April, presented various sessions of short films, both fiction and documentary, which was livened up during the breaks by a Jazz band, a fashion show and a stand up comedian. Moreover, for the duration of the day, there was a photographic exhibition, and something that I found very interesting and unusual:  a live editing of a short film directed by Mathew Hawkins, which was done for the duration of the gala and with the help of the public.

Due to the long duration of the Gala (about 9 hours), people kept coming in and out throughout the afternoon, and the weather didn’t help; it was a rainy and windy day.

The organisers, headed by Marta Rabikowska and Mathew Hawkins, who were responsible for all the technical details, were very kind with all the guests, especially to me who scarcely speak English.

The prizes were delivered by Jill Daniels, an awarded British director and
a lecturer at the University of East London, who also shown a great interest in my work.

Personally, I recognise that my English language skills have prevented me from enjoying a few of the participating short films, except those with subtitles: I read better than I listen. However that did not prevent this to be a good meeting point with English directors like Chris Regan from Brighton, and with a great film lover like David, who came all the way from Liverpool to attend the Gala.

An unforgettable experience, which I will always remember with affection, since it has, of course, given my short film international recognition, for the first time ever.

Edge of the City Film Festival:

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